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One of this fall’s eye-catching trends have been collar-shaped statement necklaces that can add interest to any simple outfit. You have seen it everywhere on the runway, on stylists, on fashion bloggers. So I thought I will save myself few hundred dollars and attempt to make a collar necklace for my first DIY. (It turned out pretty long!)

You will need:
– Embossed Felt in brown (9×12 inches)
– Fabric Glue / Needle & Thread
– 2mm Satin Cord in Gold
– Pair of toggle clasps
– Black Sharpie
– Scissors
– Scrap paper (9×12 inches)
– Headband (anything round/oval that fits around your neck)

♥ First make the pattern by folding the scrap paper into half. Then place the headband on the crease in the top half and trace its shape.
♥ Join the ends to complete the circle and fold the paper in half again. To make the collar shape, start half a cm below B and mark that C. Then draw a slanted line from C to D. Depending on how wide you want your collar, join D to E with a curved line.
♥ Cut out the shape/pattern and when you unfold it, it should look like a collar. 
♥ Fold the felt in half (the non-embossed side on the outside). Place the pattern on top, trace and cut to get the collar shape. Then unfold it and cut at the red mark for the toggle clasps to be attached later. 
♥ Now tie a small knot at the end of the satin cord and place it on the collar. Start circling the knot while attaching it to the collar – you can use fabric glue to attach each circle  or you can hand sew each. Once the circle is big enough, make a big bow and a smaller bow and cut off the rest of the cord. Secure the ends with glue or by sewing. Repeat the same for the other side.
♥ Take 2 cm of the satin cord, slip one of the clasps and attach it at the non-embossed side at the back ends of the collar. Repeat the same on the other end with the second clasp. And Phewww…you are done! 
♥ Here are some pictures of me wearing the collar necklace with few different tops. Hope you enjoyed the super long post!

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5 Responses to “Outlier DIY | Statement Collar Necklace”

  1. Alicia says:

    Ooh cute, I love it on the last photo; using a hair band is a genius idea, I stuck to plates.

    • StyleOutlier says:

      thanks alicia! by the way…I loved your color block necklace – such good use of things lying around in the house!

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  3. Sandy says:

    Where do you get embossed felt?

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