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I have always found the different shapes and textures you can create with crochet really fun. I just learned the very basics (thanks YouTube!) and there’s a lot you can make with that as long as you pick the correct yarn. This metallic bracelet is the first thing I have tried. I have included very detailed steps here, so you can make one even if you have never tried crochet before.

Crochet DIY BraceletCrochet DIY BraceletI didn’t have a Size 35+ knitting needle, so just tied 4 chopsticks together with a hair tie (at the top part). A large sharpie or anything with the similar shape of a knitting needle will work.
Crochet DIY Bracelet

Step 1: Make a foundation chain of 24 – This should be long enough to make a complete circle around your wrist. Depending on the yarn thickness and the size of your wrist, you need to either increase or decrease the chain. Regardless, stick with multiples of 3.

Step 2: Add a row of single crochet stitch to the chain. See this video (1:00 – 3:40) for Steps 1 & 2.

Step 3: After the row of single crochet, start your broomstick lace stitch. Follow this video (1:00 – 3:05) for this step with just two exceptions: (1) Instead of dividing the loops into groups of 5, divide them into groups of 3. Since I had a chain of 24, this will make 8 groups with 3 loops in each. (2) When it asks you to make 5 single crochet in the center of the hole (2:28 & 2:52),  only make 3 and move to the next group.

Step 4: After you complete one round of broomstick lace stitch, add another round of single crochet

Step 5: Since I didn’t have any silver clasps, I just added  2-3 inches of the same cord at each end of the bracelet so I can tie them together to hold the bracelet around my wrist. And then you are done and you have a sparkly silver bracelet! Have fun with different colors and textures!
Crochet DIY Bracelet

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8 Responses to “Outlier DIY | Metallic Crochet Bracelet”

  1. Lourdes says:

    Love ur site!

  2. anidy29 says:

    superbe !! vendez vous le matériel pour le réaliser ? merci

  3. sumona says:

    Wow..Looks stunning!!!

  4. bonnie says:

    Tell me about that cord. Is it found by the yarn?

  5. irma says:

    muy hermoso brasalete muchas gracias por compartir

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