Chicago Street Style | Bright Blue

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This is Rana and I photographed her two weeks back in downtown Chicago. I loved all the shades of blue in her outfit. In case you are wondering, she is wearing almost all J Crew with Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and Toms shoes. It always makes me happy to see people in bright and colorful outfits. It’s like an additional reminder that spring is actually here. What are some of your favorite spring outfits? Share them in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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Chicago Street Style | Colored Flair

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Chicago Street Style Fashion

The surprisingly warm weather these days made me think of the photos I took towards the end of summer that had not made it to the blog yet. As I was digging through, I discovered this style outlier. I had spotted her on my way to lunch one day and her casual/fun yet polished style caught my eye. I love the platform wedge boots with the super skinny jeans, the splash of color from the T-Shirt, and of course, the blazer with loads of flair buttons that gives a fun touch. Her hairstyle, though, tops everything!

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Chicago Street Style | Spotted Prints

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Chicago Street Style Fashion

HAPPY NEW YEARS! I am sorry for the lack of posts – I shifted my focus to family stuff for a few days. I hope you all had a wonderful & fun time with family and friends. As you know, I was in SF for Christmas seeing two of my lovely friends and for new years, I was at another friend’s house party. One of my college friends and her bf were also in town for new years – had fun hanging out with them. Seeing three old friends in just one week was special! Last year, few of my friends and I rented a cabin in the woods in WI for new years. We brought tons of food and drinks with us, went crazy dancing by the fireplace, went skiing on new years day, watched horror movies … Two of my guy friends even tried to scare us at night but their prank failed really badly. This was a last-minute new year plan but it’s still one of my favorite new years celebration. What’s yours?

Anyhow … this street style photo was taken a while back. I spotted her on State Street when she was taking a cigarette break. She was nice enough to let me photograph her. I liked the combination of her spotted shirt with the floral print jeans. I also liked the contrast collar detail on the shirt. Talking about outfits, what did you guys wear for new years? I am excited to see! Post your looks on my Facebook page.

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Chicago Street Style | Casual Chic

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Chicago Street Style FashionSince I didn’t post for most of the Thanksgiving break, I am still catching up and posting photos that I had shot few weeks back. I was too busy eating/sleeping during the break and I also didn’t bring my laptop with me when I left the city. I hope you all had a fun/relaxing break : )

Anyways, I spotted this style outlier on State Street and I loved her work outfit that was a blend of chic and casual. Even though I work in a corporate environment, I don’t have to be in suits everyday (thank god!) so I often try to have a balance between being comfortable and being polished for any of my outfits. Most of the times though, I’m only half awake in the morning and don’t really pay much attention to what I’m wearing. How do you dress up for work?

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