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Sep 27, 2011 2 Comments by
These are some pictures of me at a craft fair in Chicago.
the style outlierthe style outlier

… and with this post, I have officially entered the blogging world and am very excited! If you want to  know why I am starting this blog and what you can expect to see here, check out the ABOUT section.

In a perfect world, I would have published this post a while ago but because I’m a complete ignoramus in terms of web design – it took me a while to figure out different design and layout elements of the blog. After several disappointing AND several reassuring nights of work, I finally feel that THE STYLE OUTLIER has reached a stage where I can call it ‘my’ blog. No matter how long it took me or how impossible it appeared at times, I really enjoyed every step involved in creating this blog. From creating the twitter/facebook banners to fiddling with html coding – I loved it all!

Of course, there is a lot more room for improvement and that’s where I would lovee for you guys to give some feedback or share your own experiences/insights.

Alright, enough rambling. Thanks for reading and be sure to check again for new posts.

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