Chicago Street Style | Floral Fantasy

May 18, 2012 No Comments by

This style outlier was captured on State Street right before it was getting too dark for me to photograph anyone. Apart from her floral print shirt and rad heels, I love the lights in the background and how everything around her is in motion while she stands still to pose for the picture.

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Chicago Street Style | Peach Perfect

Nov 17, 2011 No Comments by

The Style OutlierThe Style OutlierThis is Salomé from Georgia [the country] and I spotted her while she was visiting Chicago. I had walked around for a while that afternoon looking for style outliers but the hunt wasn’t very successful. As I was just crossing the street to go back to work, I saw Salomé … I took a couple of pictures, chatted for a bit and I went back to my desk happy! I love how she incorporated pieces in different shades of the same color in her outfit. The folded cuff details on the sleeves add extra interest. Overall, it’s a perfect outfit for a tourist – the relaxed pants and boots keep it comfy so you can stroll around the city as much as you like and the accessories gives you the chic and polished look.

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